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Student Item Retrieval

A few important notes about the pick-up protocol:

  • Pick-up times are alphabetized by family last name. 

  • Only parents or guardians will be able to pick up items on behalf of a student. If you are sick or unable to attend during the scheduled times, please contact your school to identify an alternate individual to pick up items.

  • Families can choose either day to pick up items.

  • In order to keep the process moving efficiently, please plan to arrive as close to your pick-up time as possible. 

  • Please indicate when you arrive for your scheduled pick-up time if you have specialized items you need to collect.

  • If you have children with different last names attending the school, you will be able to pick up items for these students at the same time.

  • These will be the only opportunities for student item pickup. 

Other Important Information:  

  • We will be collecting all library books and classroom books, American Reading Company books.  You are welcome to inquire about what library books are currently checked out with Rochelle Gomer at

  • Pre-ordered yearbooks will be distributed at an individual table as part of the process.

  • If you would like to still purchase a yearbook, we will be accepting cash or check ($20.00) and will be available for immediate pick-up at the yearbook table. 

  • Please see the map below for our student retrieval process. 

  • We will be holding artwork until fall for distribution for grades K-4. Mr. Graham-Haradon has contacted families who have indicated they are not returning to prepare for distribution on these days.  Fifth grade art work will be distributed on May 19th and May 20th.  

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