Welcome to Eagleview

A wonderful Beginning to an amazing 14-15 school year!

It has been an awesome start to the school year!  We have welcomed many new faces and seen many returning faces all who are excited about the learning that is going to happen this school year.  It has been a beautiful start thus far and we are grateful to have such a supportive community for our students.  A couple of big reminders that will further facilitate a great school year are detailed below:

  • Please remember to do your best to get your students to school every day, on time.  We are really working hard to reduce the amount of tardies and absences our students experience each year. However, if and when your students do get sick and aren't able to attend school (because they have a fever of more than 100.8, are vomiting or have diarrhea or were sent home from school less than a 24 hour period prior with one or more of these symptoms) please CALL THE ATTENDANCE LINE at 720-972-5778 before 8:00 am to report the absence.
  • Please make certain that we have correct telephone numbers and email addresses so that we are able to contact families in the event of an emergency as well as to receive important and timely school information.  Nearly all of our communication is provided electronically in some format and we want to be certain that you have the information that you need for your students to be successful.
  • Please be aware that we are always thinking about safety and want to make sure that we are following processes so please be prepared to show your ID and sign in every time you enter the building.  We have become a great and close community, but we don't want to take any chances.
  • Lastly, thank you so much for working to adjust our parking and Hug N' Go lanes.  We are running much smoother and safer for students and families. As we get ready for weather changes, please be sure that you have your plans in place so as to avoid the first blizzard or rainy day parking headache. 

We Welcome Your Feedback

Call us at 720-972-5760 or use our online contact form if you have any questions, need any information or would like to schedule a tour. We would love for you to come and see all the great things we have going on. Opportunity Starts Here!

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