Welcome to Eagleview

I hope you have already settled into your summer routines with your incredible Eagleview students.  It was an amazing year and we look forward to the 2015-2016 school year, but want everyone to enjoy the time off prior to returning in August.

As our students are out adventuring this summer, please remember a few important safety tips:

  1. Make them protect their thinking machines when they are out and about. Even if they think it's not cool-please ensure our kids are wearing helmets all summer long during their travels.
  2. Monitor and supervise our students' online activity. No student that attends Eagleview is old enough for their own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. account. There are age restrictions for reasons so please support your Eagle in safe and appropriate online play.
  3. Remind them to watch the roads and ride and walk around safely making certain they are watching for cars who may not be watching for them.

By the time you receive this letter, class lists will have been posted on the front doors of the school. Great care has been taken throughout the last weeks of school to ensure that students are all placed in a classroom environment where they are certain to thrive. We also appreciate the input that many provided using our Classroom Environment Survey process that was available throughout the month of April; this information was also taken into account during the placement of your student(s).

Throughout the upcoming year we will continue to integrate high levels of technology into all that we do.  We are grateful for all YOU have done as a community to raise funds during the 14-15 school year and as a result of your hard work and efforts we are able to completely renovate our computer lab.  These funds allow us to purchase brand new desktop computers that are reflective of the current times.  While we have no plans of being a one-to-one school as we greatly value a personal approach to teaching and learning with a human touch, we are thrilled to be able to supply amazing tools and resources to support and elevate the learning and working process.

In addition to our tech integration emphasis, we will also move forward with an intensive focus on writing as a school and school district and we are excited to continue with our half-time instructional coach who will work directly with teachers to support these efforts.  Through our intensive literacy work this year we have seen our students thinking deeper, questioning more and engaging in such incredible discussions and learning experiences that, at times, I am blown away at the level of sophistication in the conversations happening with such young people.

Now one might begin to get the impression that we care only about technology and literacy around here, but we are also happy to announce that our Kinder-2nd grade students will embark on a new mathematics journey using newly designed Everyday Math materials that will emphasize not only mathematics content, but also very important mathematical practices that will support them positively along the rest of their mathematics journey.  The students and teachers will receive a strong amount of support with these new materials and we anticipate adding grades 3-5 in the following year.

Lastly, we are sad to see some staff leave as they move on to different life experiences and opportunities. While change can be hard, please know that we continue to work to ensure that your students have access to incredible teachers, leaders and staff here at Eagleview. Speaking of leaders, I am thrilled to announce that Bianca Porter will be joining us in the role of assistant principal for the 15-16 school year and even more exciting that she will be here full time and we will no longer have to share this administrative role with another school.

Thanks for your continued support and please feel free to call or email with any questions, comments, concerns or compliments.  Take care and please enjoy the rest of the summer!